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Louisville, KY Waterfront | Bankruptcy Attorney | Wallace Spalding Law OfficeAs spring arrives and the weather warms up, Louisville residents are going outside in droves. And who can blame them? The city of Louisville has a wealth of exciting activities and events for everyone, including those who enjoy the great outdoors.

This month, you and your family can get outside and see the best of Louisville during a unique walking tour.

The Louisville Waterfront Walking Tour will take participants through the Louisville Waterfront Park, stopping at the Belle of Louisville steamboat, the Lincoln Memorial, the Flock of Finns, and the Big-4 Walking Bridge.

This tour is unique in that it is intended to allow participants to use all of their senses. The tour will start at The American Printing House for the Blind. The sensory aspect of this tour make it perfect for both the sighted and the blind. Kids in particular are sure to enjoy the multi-sensory experience.

The Louisville Waterfront Walking Tour will take place on Saturday, April 5 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The event is completely free, so those who are on a tight budget can attend without worry. It is also family-friendly.

To learn more about this tour, visit the city of Louisville Metro Calendar.

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