Free Music Festival Celebrates Louisville’s Historic Ties

Louisville, Kentucky is known for many things. On September 15th, the National Jug Band Jubilee reminds us that jug band music will always be on that list.  Bring friends and family to the Brown-Forman Amphitheater on River Road for the free jug band concerts, workshops, and activities.

The National Jug Band Jubilee is a gathering of the nation’s best jug bands to their old Kentucky home.  Louisville is known in the jug band community as “the city that started it all” and has been dedicated to preserving jug band music since the late 19th century.

Jug band music features the sound of whiskey jugs mixed in with traditional fiddle and guitar tunes.  In the 1900’s through the 1920’s, jug band music gained popularity as the infectious rhythm of jug bands serenaded steamboat passengers on their way down the Ohio River. Today, jug band music has spread to Europe, Asia and Australia.

At the National Jug Band Jubilee, you can experience one of Louisville’s contributions to the musical world with performances from the local Juggernaut Jug Band and others from across the country.  If the thrill of the music alone isn’t enough, come to shop for unique jug band merchandise or to have a taste of local cuisine and locally brewed beers.  The event is family-friendly and offers a number of kid’s activities alongside the live music.

For more information about the National Jug Band Jubilee or its connections to Louisville’s history, call 502-417-1107 or visit

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