Enjoy German Culture during Oktoberfest

In Germany, Oktoberfest is a 16-18 day festival held each year in Munich. It is the largest public festival in the world, bringing in more than six million visitors. The festival in Munich celebrates Bavarian culture and German Reunification Day.  Many festival attendees wear the traditional Lederhosen for men or Dirndl dresses for women.

The Oktoberfest celebrations migrated to the U.S. along with German immigrants and have given Americans a taste of German culture for years.   During the weekend of Setember 21st, you can embrace your inner German at Louisville’s original Oktoberfest.  The German-American Club is sponsoring the event and is bringing a full collection of authentic German singers and dancers to the event.  Headlining entertainment includes performances by Louisville’s Rheingold Band, Cincinnati’s Gebhard Erler and Indianapolis’ The Knappers.

Authentic German Food including bratwurst, kartoffelsuppe (potato soup), and a variety of German breads and desserts will be offered at the event from 4pm. until midnight. Wash down the rich German cuisine with a stein of authentic German Beer, which will be offered in plenty at the event.

For more information on the event or for a feel of Louisville’s German heritage, go the German-American Club’s website at http://www.german-americanclub.com or call 502-451-3100.

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