War Horse at Kentucky Center Stage

War Horse is coming to the Kentucky Center Stage November 19th – 24th. The play is set in World War I and tells the story of Joey, a horse, who is conscripted by the British cavalry and sent off to fight in France. Albert, Joey’s former owner, sets off to the front lines to rescue his horse. The play features horse puppets created by South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company.

Is Personal Bankruptcy the Right Thing for You?

Recently, the New York Times highlighted the growing financial burden placed on Americans struggling to pay health care and dental bills. This article covers a disturbing trend: credit to pay for services is offered directly from doctors or dentists to their clients without verifying the patient’s ability to handle additional debt. This credit often comes at a steep cost, including interest exceeding twenty percent. Although the services offered and accepted at a doctor’s or dentist’s office are more essential to one’s health than those received in, for instance, a luxury spa, the resulting debt is still leaving people with the possibility of declaring bankruptcy in order to meet their obligations.