Mt. Washington, KY Bankruptcy

As a commuter town, Mt. Washington, Kentucky, has experienced a sharp rise in population over the last three decades. Like all suburban areas, however, the struggling economy of late has left many residents scratching to make ends meet.

Financial crisis is something that affects the well-being of your career, your personal life, and your family. The pressure of debt can weigh down on individuals in Mt. Washington, with seemingly no escape in sight.

As an experienced Kentucky bankruptcy attorney, I believe I can help you find relief in Mt. Washington.

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you are experiencing financial problems beyond your control. The court, bankruptcy trustees, and I understand this, and if you comply with bankruptcy requirements, we can help you out of your financial crisis.

I’m a licensed bankruptcy attorney with over 25 years of experience serving clients in throughout the Louisville, Kentucky, area and I understand what you’re going though.

I promise to stand with you throughout the entire bankruptcy process, working in a confidential manner to create unique strategies for your needs. I will guide you through all available options and will use my experience and all the resources available to Wallace Spalding Law Office to protect your rights in bankruptcy.

As bankruptcy isn’t the right option for every person, I’ll help you consider all alternatives before we move forward in the process. Contact Wallace Spalding Law Office today.