At Wallace Spalding Law Office, we offer a free initial consultation. During your consultation, an experienced bankruptcy attorney will meet with you to discuss your options. We’ll help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you and which type of bankruptcy would be best for you, depending on your unique financial circumstances–all at no charge to you.

The bankruptcy courts currently charge a filing fee to cover court costs. The fee is paid to the clerk when you file your bankruptcy forms at the courthouse. The trustee appointed by the court will also receive a fee of about 10% of the amount paid to your creditors (this is if you choose a repayment plan through Chapter 13 bankruptcy).

When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, his or her fee will depend on the complexity of your case. Often, having the help of an attorney results in savings that far outweigh the cost of legal fees. At Wallace Spalding Law Office, we have payment plans available to pay the attorney fee and Court costs.


At Wallace Spalding Law Office, we offer a free initial consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney. During this initial meeting, we’ll discuss your options and determine if a will, living trust, or power of attorney is right for you, based on your specific needs and wishes.

In order to help clients balance the cost of a revocable living trust with the cost of probate or conservatorship/guardianship proceedings (in the event of incompetency), we offer package prices on living trust. That way, you know what cost is involved before you decide to have work completed.

Our package price includes the following, when applicable:

  • Personalized service with your attorney, so that all questions are answered and help is provided
  • A revocable living trust agreement, which eliminates probate and the need for guardianship proceedings in regard to all assets transferred into the trust
  • Letters that provide all of the necessary information to your bank, stock broker, insurance agent, or other institutions where assets are located. These letters enable you to get assets transferred into your trust by simply filling in the blanks with pertinent information, delivering letters to appropriate institutions, and signing any forms required by them. We analyze proper titling and beneficiary designations on assets and insert instructions appropriate for your plan into the letters.
  • Pour-over will(s), which will ensure that all property is transferred to the chosen beneficiaries, even if an asset is not transferred to the trust during your lifetime.
  • Durable power(s) of attorney, which allow a spouse or anyone else of your choice to sign documents and handle affairs for you. This document is particularly helpful if mental or physical disability prevents a person from managing his/her own affairs.
  • Living will(s) or durable power(s) of attorney for health care, which give directions to physicians and family members regarding life support systems in the event of severe illness or injury.
  • Written instructions, which contain all necessary documents and directions regarding procedures to follow if someone becomes incompetent or if there is a death. Various other informational documents are also provided, along with forms that can be completed regarding where assets are located, wishes for memorial services, and any other information that you consider important.

If a living trust is appropriate for your situation, the fee for this service is $1200. We do retain the right to bill outside of package prices for highly complex estate plans. If this the case, you will be notified during the initial consultation, before we start any work.

If you have questions about our fees or would like to talk to an experienced Louisville attorney, contact us today.